Enterprise-class Architecture Results in Bulletproof Security and Blazing Performance

The technology behind DangerTags is as well thought out as the incredibly intuitive user interface. DangerTags was written from the ground up to be an enterprise-class system. Don't settle for systems that were written in Microsoft Access and then evolved into Access front ends over a more substantial database like Microsoft SQL Server, using slow and unstable database technologies like ODBC. This complicates corporate rollouts and causes administrative nightmares as corporations upgrade desktop systems (like Windows or Office), or try to install new versions of the LOTO program. DangerTags is written using Microsoft's .Net Framework with direct, native database connectivity onto SQL Server. Liberal use of stored procedures in the database maintains snappy performance across wide area networks regardless of the number of users. Our security layer provides global access across all platforms (desktop, web, and Wi-Fi) and uses the Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES), providing world-class security to match our robust, high-performance database architecture. Our Wi-Fi implementation uses web services to communicate via the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) on Class 1 Div 2 intrinsically safe devices running Windows Mobile. All of this combines to make DangerTags as popular with IT professionals as it is with LOTO professionals.

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