Utilizes multi-platform technology to easily become a part of your corporate network architecture

DangerTags can easily be part of your corporate network architecture because it is a stable client-server desktop application running on top of MS SQL Server with a Wi-Fi enabled, mobile field auditing option. Our Windows Mobile compatible option presents you with a list of packages assigned to a user and arms the person in the field with concise, real-time data to promote safety and accuracy. DangerTags Mobile keeps scanning progress on the local device, removing dependence on the Wi-Fi signal. Concise, real-time feedback is provided to the user, i.e., Good Scan or Tag not in Package. The mobile device tracks progress as the auditor scans tags and provides a real-time reconciliation of missed tags right there in the field. When in the presence of the Wi-Fi network, the user can press "certify" or "restore" and the handheld makes an entry in the database noting who audited the package and when it was certified. Once the certification has been sent from the handheld, a certification form can be printed to hang on the job site or emailed to concerned parties in PDF format. Finally, the system will produce a report of all equipment currently isolated.

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