Comprehensive LOTO compliance of OSHA 1910.147

DangerTags is a "one-stop" shop for OSHA LOTO compliance where all daily and annual OSHA LOTO compliance concerns are managed effectively and efficiently. DangerTags eliminates the opportunity to change procedures on the fly that results in the lack of energy isolation standards that plagues the industry today. The program protects your standards by controlling access of two user groups. Non-administrative users have everything they need to efficiently perform energy isolation duties but are unable to alter procedures. Administrative users are given powerful data management tools and full rights to define and alter energy isolation procedures. The DangerTags application, used to its fullest extent, helps fulfill all of the requirements of the CFR 29 Section 1910.147 by putting in place an energy control program that enforces your corporate standards, documents processes, prints OSHA compliant tags and automatically generates reports for periodic annual reviews.

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